Karen Sulmonetti is creative director and proprietor of Sulmonetti Design and the craftsy artist of Timber Lane Studio. She has always loved the outdoors where she gets most of her inspiration. Karen has fine art training from St. Mary’s College of MD and an undergraduate degree in Advertising Design from the University of Maryland. Backed by a masters degree in business marketing from the University of Maryland, Karen’s expertise also extends into key strategic areas, including marketing and branding.

Karen’s graphic design career has flourished in the magazine design field, where she has led award-winning teams at newsstand, trade, and association magazines. As a freelancer for several years, her variety of clients like her creativity, design skills and production management to meet deadlines on time. 

Karen loves to travel around the world. Some of her favorite places are the beaches of Santorini, Greece; Banff, British Columbia; Florence, Italy; Glacier National Park and New Orleans, LA. When she is not working, she enjoys cycling, cooking, reading and playing bocce ball with her family.